Buying and Selling Online:  Safety Tips When Meeting With Online Strangers Physically

Selling and buying online is the trend of the 21st century. At one instance, you have bought products or sold some through online platforms. If not, one of your close peers has done it.  However, with all its benefits and efficiencies, the business is becoming a threat to people’s life. Given that the business involves interaction between you and strangers, criminals are taking the advantage to facilitate their cruel activities in the name of buying or selling imaginary products online.  In fact, some people have lost their lives and property in the process of conducting online business transactions.

With this in mind, you need to take precautions in your meeting physically with strangers for deals on goods/services your buy or sell online. Here are the tips:

Never disclose your information

One aim of the online fraudsters is to get your information that would enable them to perpetrate their actions. When selling or buying online, you should be mindful of the information your share with a stranger. If you must share some information with people you meet online for delivery of your items, always remember you are in business.

Hence, avoid sharing confidential information such as Social Security number, Identity card number, home or business address as well as your banking information. Always keep this information as personal as possible.

Always articulate on meeting in public

If you must meet to complete a transaction, you should always meet in public places. Avoid allowing strangers to your home or meeting them in theirs or their office. Many cases of crimes take place in private places like homes and offices. Meeting on public assures you safety as the police and other law enforcement officers can easily be reached. Also, the public around you can come to your rescue if they sense things are not on the right track on your side.

Avoid cash transaction and perform high transactions in banking facilities

Carrying large amounts of cash while meeting an online stranger for a transaction, places you at a risk of losing falling in the hands of a fraudster if the prospects buyers or sellers are one. If you have to carry on such transactions, insist on performing then in a bank so that the bank teller can confirm that the cash has been transferred between the two accounts.

Take limited time when meeting up

When you meet with a stranger, you should only conduct the business that brought you together. Just exchange the items or products, pay for them and leave. Do not accept unnecessary conversations or offers such as being taken for lunch, boarding the stranger’s vehicle or even exchanging confidential information. Simply, be professional in your dealings and avoid any distractive incidents. Essentially, you should have an exit plan whenever you sense a threat.

Take a friend with you and also inform a close peer or a relative

Before going for a meet up with a stranger, always tell a close friend or a relative about your intention and where you are going for the meeting. Also, take a peer with you. These actions will protect you from any unintended plan. Also, in case the stranger is a criminal your relative can take measures by reporting the incident to law enforcement authorities before it is too late.


While as selling and buying online is a profitable and less challenging, criminals are taking advantages of it through posing as potential buyers or sellers. As such, it is important to take safety precautions when going out to meet online strangers. Importantly, you should avoid sharing personal information as well as conducting all transaction in public.