Selling Online Technology: 3 Myths About setting up and running an online store

Obvious you know several myths that exist in different communities and cultural setting. The myths try to give a reason behind a given situation. Similarly, people who fail to succeed in their application of selling online technology, develop some myths to discourage new entrants. While there may be some percentage of truth, myths are just personal perceptions and do not represent the reality of online business.

As such, you must be aware of myths as well as have the vigor to overcome them for you to become a successful webpreneur. Here they are:

Myth#1: Setting up a good website is the hardest task

If you ask several entrepreneurs why they do not apply the online selling technology on their ventures, the first answer they will give you is that setting up a website is the hardest task ever. They will tell you that you need to have adequate knowledge in web designing to develop an attractive business site.

Even though there are some facts on their answer, the truth is that in this decade you do not need web designing or coding knowledge to develop a website. Almost every web registrar offers you all software you may need to develop an attractive e-commerce website. Within a few minutes, your site is up and running.

Myth#2: You need a million dollar to operate an online store

Use of online selling technology is expensive. You have heard people mention this statement. Of course, starting an online store requires some capital for purchasing a domain name and hosting your website. But do you know you can run an online shop without spending a dime?

Take it this way; you are an online retailer, you order products from the manufacturer, deliver it to the client and pay the manufacturer after receiving payments from the customer.  This type of business is known as drop shipping. As such, you do not need millions of cash to operate a successful online business.

Myth #3: All online businesses are scams

In reality, the internet is full of scammers and fraudster pretending to be sellers. However, legitimate businesses are operating online. A good example is Amazon and Alibaba. From these platforms, you can buy or sell your products to legitimate customers as well as meet legit buyers. Also, you can sell your services on the social media and sites like Fiverr. As such, considering all online business as scams is a myth and a fallacy.

All in all, to be a success while using online selling technology, you must have the ability to distinguish myths from reality.